Ukraine Intellectual Lab

is the Salesforce for Ukraine in the Scientific Fields of the 21st Century

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UIL provides a turn-key solution for domestic & foreign companies

Ukranian companies seeking to do business abroad

Companies seeking to do business in Ukraine

UIL’S Services

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For Ukranian Companies

  • — Global Sales
  • — Access to strategic partners
  • — Access to capital sources
  • — IP protection & monetization
  • — Listing on the Ideation platform
  • — Access to new technologies

For International Companies

  • — Turn-key solution for M&A or jont vennutre
  • — Research & Development in the scientific fields
  • — Product Manufacturing
  • — Access to Ukranian Market
  • — HR of high level engineers and scientists
  • — Access to innovations coming out of Ukraine

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How does UIL earn money:

1. We take the precentage of sales UIL generates from the companies it represents

2. We earn retainers from international companies for the management of their assets & projects in Ukraine

3. We earn precentages from M & A activity

4. Privacy & Confidentiality

“Cornerstone of Civilization is Science”
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UIL’s NDA (pdf)business in Ukraine